Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple
First stop Wong Tai Sin
They said that the incense at Huangdaxian Temple was very strong, and they wanted to sign for it.
Second stop
Take the Star Ferry to get ready for the summit
After coming down from the Star Ferry, I didn’t find 15C. I asked several people to find the 15 bus stop, and I got on the train to know that 15 is directly to the top of the mountain … I bought the cable car ticket
The view from the top of the mountain is beautiful
Lost the ticket and re-queued to buy it again
The evening of October 2 was the happiest moment of my day. I took three MMs to participate in Tang Baoru ’s Karen ’s birthday party. I started chatting with Bao Ru sisters online a few months ago. Actually, I have been listening to the songs of the three sisters of Polaroid Jin since I was young. By chance, we were online I met and contacted the friends of Tang Ji Office. They told me that they would prepare a birthday party for Sister Bao Ru on October 2nd, and asked me if I was interested in participating. I said, of course. I was in Hong Kong at this time. The rare opportunity was just because I was new to Hong Kong for the first time and I was unfamiliar with the road, hoping that it would be better to find a convenient place to take the subway, so they booked the place at a small western restaurant near Times Square. We came down from the top of the mountain and looked for the Central Metro Station for a long time, but it was found, but it was much later than the scheduled time, so when I arrived in Causeway Bay, I called my friends of Tang Ji Office to ask them to pick me up because I was afraid of darkness It was not easy to find. After a while, a beautiful woman appeared. We walked all the way to talk. We soon went to the restaurant and pushed in to see Sister Bao Ru talking. The beautiful woman who met us introduced us from Beijing. Sister Bao Ru was stunned for a few seconds
I met a lot of Hong Kong friends at the party and was very happy
This is the best-looking birthday cake I have ever seen. I do n’t know how to get it up and you can eat it.
Because we are going to Macau on the 3rd, we ca n’t play too late at night. Before I left, I told Sister Bao Ru to get up early the next day. She was particularly happy. Thanks to the time I passed through the song, I thanked me for attending her birthday party. I really love listening to this song. I only hate that the camera was out of power and the video was half recorded. After singing, she hugged me tightly. It felt so good. It was really moving. My friend looked at it and later told me that “her eyes are red when she and you hug.” Other Hong Kong friends present at the time could capture this shot. I’ve encountered this kind of approachable star for the first time. The black glasses belonged to my friend. When I saw Bao Ru wearing a black dress, and I paired them well, I gave it to Bao Ru as a birthday gift. Was it cool?
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I plan to get up early to Macau, but I ca n’t get tired. I got up late and went to Sheung Wan Pier after having a meal
Can’t understand what to write
Price is ok
At the pier, I saw the ship at only 11.15, so I found a seat and sat down to rest.
The telecommunications logo has become Macau
Find a car and go to Venice after disembarking
Few people can be seen on the roads of Macau
October 4 Most of today was left to the Nathan Road Jewelry Store, and several gold stores made three rounds
Wake up in the morning for breakfast
I’ve almost bought the jewellery. How can I find a family in Xu Liushan and come to Hong Kong without Xu Liushan? Durian pudding, on time ~
The plane at 7 pm arrived at the airport two hours ahead of time. I do n’t know what to do, and it reminds me of the West Bus Station where migrant workers go home during the Spring Festival.
Upcoming Dragonair
Dragonair meal, good nothing to say