Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong
This is the end of the journey. Please wait for the receipt after shopping.
Because everyone has been to the place I went to, I wo n’t show so many photos
Let me shine first: the ring of happiness
The box looks good
The box comes with a small light bulb, and the light turns on as soon as the box is turned on
Marbel happiness necklace and earrings
Luk Fook Bracelet
coach watch
Come to Zhang’s family portrait and find that there are all peach hearts except the necklace
And this one for myself
For Mother’s Luk Fook Diamond Ring
Luk Fook Giveaway
Tissot for Dad
My own cosmetics
Help others
Give a gift
Pick up at the Marbel store in Citygate
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Finally one more. I like it so much
Capital Airport Duty Free Shop: Estee Lauder Eye Essence Two Bottles 599 Eye Cream 348
DFS HKD: Tissot watch Original price 2800 HKD Discounted HKD 2464
       Swarovski necklace 720
          coach watch 1980
          Swatch 860
          Kiehl’s Rose Set HK $ 335. I found several stores and finally found them in DFS.
       Biotherm 1120
East City: mabelle earrings 450 silver jewelry necklace 800 together 1250 full one thousand minus three hundred
Luk Fook: Diamond Ring HK $ 5535
          Bracelet 845 HKD
There are many prices on the Hong Kong official website. The price varies with the grade of the diamond. It starts at about 5,000 Hong Kong dollars. The website is marked with the original price.
My discount is RMB 3,916
15% off online booking. Go directly to the store and use my membership card to get 5% off. If necessary, give me a short stop.
Haha, seeing that so many people like Bao Rujie, now I put a video on it, it ’s “A Absolute Dream” sung by Bao Ru on the birthday ladder.
If you want to buy a ring of happiness near Causeway Bay, you can go to the MaBelle store in Hongtong Center, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. There is a handsome guy named Axi
If you want to go to the shopping mall Mabelle to buy rings for children’s shoes, you must ask in advance if you have the size you want.
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