Ocean Park + Causeway Bay + Tsim Sha Tsui and DFS Shopping

Visit DISNEY + Ocean Park + Causeway Bay + Tsim Sha Tsui and DFS Shopping
[Expression] 9.8-12, I brought a little pig girl less than 3 years old, and started a gorgeous 5 day trip together with my mother and cousin.
Air tickets: Air China Chengdu-Hong Kong round trip, the average price is RMB2000 / person, round trip including tax, the adult tax is 395, the child is about 290. Airline tickets.
D1 Disneyland Hotel, the official website package price of Hong Kong D28 **, 1 room for two days admission ticket for two people + Cui Paradise breakfast for 2 people, make up for an elderly ticket + an adult buffet breakfast, Hong Kong D3051.
D2-D4 Causeway Bay Excelsior Hotel, Ctrip for 3 consecutive nights specials Hong Kong D3741.
I have a CLARKS new product 20% off card, 10% off the cosmetics FACENESS part, and even Crawford Gold Card, if necessary, you can shorten me.
This time I feel that Hong Kong has really been bought up by compatriots from the mainland. There are not many friendly BAs encountered. However, no matter what, it is cheaper than the mainland. When FACENESS went, they were snoring, all the faces of bitter gourds, but this was not the case before, it is estimated that it is not far from collapse
Super recommended Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay Subway Exit D, one minute, in the case of old and small.
The sportsman in Causeway Bay is also good. In the World Trade Organization, I bought children’s shoes, a pair of Adi, a pair of hooks, Hong Kong D380, mother’s, and the price of a pair will fly away for you.
On the return journey, there are six luggages, all of which will be checked in and checked downstairs by IFC.
MMD, when I passed the customs in Chengdu, I always felt stared, and prepared to teach the younger one, but no one looked at us, too! Too lucky! [Emoji] I would like to come here with two pieces of luggage before, and I will encounter an uncle every time, asking me what I do, whether I sell cosmetics.
D1 arrived at the airport in the morning, and the customs have not yet started to work. There are few people in MS. It is estimated that it is a small plane. The baby is also very excited. He turned around to have fun. Three checked bags, all empty boxes.
Taking off on time, the 737-200 was really small, but fortunately, the flight was relatively stable. The stewardess sold it. When I saw the EL brown bottle set, the essence 50ml + eye cream 15ml, won by RMB878, and later proved how smart I am. I found some gossips in the stewardess. They sold me the order and started to buy it by themselves. It is said that things in Hong Kong are not cheap now. My caution fluttered, MD. What should I do if I go there?
When I saw CD nail polish, a small gift box, a bottle of 40RMB was counted, which is very suitable for giving away.
After two hours and ten minutes, we arrived at Hong Kong Airport on time.
According to the previous strategy, take TAXI directly to the Disney Hotel Hong Kong D120 or so, and put the luggage in the trunk. You have to pay for it. It was not a few dollars and it was exciting.
Interjection: I bought an Octopus card at the airport, recharged it, and consumed some of the vitamin milk from 7-11 (I was excited when I saw this thing), a rice ball, a gossip magazine, and a messy phone card, which turned out to be wrong.
When I arrived in the Disney area, there was a small town with a police station and traffic lights. When I entered the hotel, I saw Cinderella, lined up for a group photo, and the baby who was about to doze was excited again.
DISNEY Paradise Hotel likes it here, not the service, but the hardware, which is great, more than I expected, it has children’s shoes, children’s pedals, and children’s plastic mouthwash cups. The baby was bathed in water-proof before coming out of the bathroom. When I caught the pig girl, I saw that the bathtub was full! American boldness, boldness! The toiletries are also good. I used such shampoos for such a thorny job, and the effect was also great.
In Disneyland, the entrance to the park was checked symbolically, and the water was also released. I was kindly asked where we lived, whether it was the first time to enter the park, and applied for fingerprint authentication. For children who have no tickets, they only asked lightly. Years old, let go!
There are few people in the garden, almost all of them are not in line, but they are a bit hot, and it seems that it is more comfortable to come in winter. Recommended Gold Award Theatre, Winnie the Pooh’s Honey Jar Cart, Little World, Stitch’s Theatre. It’s a pity to climb over Space Mountain because I stopped in preparation for the Black World. Other netizens have a lot of introductions, so I won’t say much.
Eat in Disney, good intentions, the price is not low, and the things are not bad. I was so happy to eat my little pig sister, I still think of that crunchy roast suckling pig
It seems that compared to before, things in Disney are not so expensive, and fresh fruit juice is also in Hong Kong D22or26, but the goods in the store are not so attractive. I do n’t know if the grade of the mainland foundry factory that I am looking for has fallen.
Those bags can only be seen on one side, and one side must be plastic, even children under three years old can’t cheat. The only thing that looks at a children’s clothing is the T that I bought last year. The quality is still the same and the style has not changed.
Shopping a bit. Skip to mention.
The fireworks show is still amazingly beautiful.
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TIP: After entering the Disney gate, there is a fire station on the left hand. You can rent a stroller. The D100 in Hong Kong can be used for one day. The recommended weight for the baby is 15kg. They just said they would n’t rent it to us next time. Let ’s try if we can push it and go through the formalities. This is very convenient.
Luggage storage here is super expensive. It is recommended not to store one, just put it in the hotel. It is free. Please take the free shuttle bus to pick it up. The price seems to be a Hong Kong D20or40.
Bus route Paradise-Paradise Hotel-Hollywood Hotel, very convenient, very clean, air-conditioning as always.
Under the gossip of the Hollywood Hotel, it is said that Hollywood is much worse. It feels like I want to live in Paradise.
When I left the next day, something went wrong. I took my child and got on the subway. My mother and cousin fell out.
I had to get off at the next stop and find a good fellow to borrow the phone. I have to do this every time I go. Really yes, speechless i