Cable car, dolphin show, jellyfish house

Cable car, dolphin show, jellyfish house
Check into Excelsior at Causeway Bay. I walked and scolded in accordance with the route of GOOGLE map, so far, I got into the hotel and I was comfortable at once. A comfortable fragrance calmed me down. I guess I didn’t choose it wrong. The room is half sea view, can see the yacht, the decoration is not new, but the thing is good, the bed is much narrower than the Disneyland Hotel, the room is large enough, we four people plus three boxes are not crowded. TEDDY bears and canned marshmallows were also sent later. This activity should have ended when booking. Good customer service makes people feel better!
Settled old, small, we rushed to DFS, the better a MM fight card. It turned out that her card was given the wrong name and could not be opened. I could not negotiate with the help desk. I temporarily met a pair of handsome men and women in the B house. It was cool. I combined the scene and included a classic windbreaker from the B house. , A pair of jeans, Hong Kong D7800! When I came back, I went to Renhe Spring to find the excitement, RMB12000, trench coat, haha, I earned it! This year’s model also has a lining that can be put on and taken off, which is cost-effective and cost-effective. FG’s soft-soled women’s shoes 2600, Hong Kong D1900.
When I bid farewell, I bought a sea urchin mascara and gave it to the beauties. They said that I would not charge my card fee. I bought something that I liked. BA said to buy three 20% off, with a card and then 15% off, probably bought 465 Hong Kong D three sea urchin mascara, broke up happily.
HM scanning, children’s clothing, basic two-color T, 79.9 Hong Kong D, cake skirt 199 Hong Kong D ?. A few sundries are not mentioned.
Experience, DFS Sun Plaza has been renovated, and some brands have not shown their faces. This card is around 300. You can buy it and bring it over.
The EL set does not participate in the event. My Hong Kong D1120 is more expensive than the one I bought, but there is an event for the single product.
There aren’t many watches, it depends on your luck.
Dunhill can use the card, the only gentle gentleman hinted that if you have a card, we will give what discount we will give, others will not answer the question whether there is a card discount, see the card before saying.
It is said that the airport DFS belongs to Li Ka-shing. This one belongs to other bosses. No wonder the credit card statement at the airport shows Watsons or something. Digression.
Continue gossip.
The Ocean Park bus is just to follow the signs inside Admiralty Metro Station. However, I saw that there is a reminder at 629 station that it will not stop at Ocean Park Dashuwan Station since 2010.9.1. The specific recovery time is to be notified.
This should be the latest Raiders Le, you do not search online for any Ocean Park back door Le.
The staff at the entrance of Ocean Park asked me my daughter, how old are you, and asked me, what day is your BABY birthday, anyway, and kindly let us in.
Inside is a completely different atmosphere from Disney, with lively tropical music playing lively, and the walls are full of green. Recommendation: cable car, dolphin show, jellyfish house.
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When entering the door, you must watch the dolphin show schedule first, and the rest is easy to say. Really want to occupy the position, so off-season, people are full, and admission is at least 20 minutes in advance. We watched it at 11:30 in the morning. For those with children, you can refer to it. Sister Pig High is happy Le, and she is ready to sleep after the show.
Ocean Park ate two meals without charcoal. They were roasted with pork and chicken with rice. According to the reaction of the mother, it was super delicious, probably about one D55 in Hong Kong.
At present, some projects in Ocean Park are under maintenance or expansion. This estimate is the reason for BUS rerouting.
The dolphin show is really super nice.
Tickets are booked at TB, 165RMB / adult.
Next, I encountered a heavy rain caused by a typhoon.
It ’s not uncommon for trapped malls to get to the hotel, so SASA bought umbrella three times
One KATE ultra-fine eyeliner, one tri-fold eyeliner, one eye shadow box, one eye shadow box with eyebrow powder, several sundries, one can of Meiji milk powder, Hong Kong D149, and two bags of super-friendly cotton pads , This is a must buy every time I go to SASA, recommended