Shopping is roughly as follows

Shopping is roughly as follows
Harbour City, two boxes of JS blusher and one bottle of golden eyeliner. This eyeliner has the same effect as Tulle. Is there anyone I can teach you? Is it bad for me?
SOGO: KIELH’S Avocado Eye Cream, Moisturizing Face Cream, Amino Acid Shampoo, Firming Essence and a new small molecule essence to help absorption. It ’s cheaper. The essence is more than 300 for 50ml.
Eight kingdoms, MD! Go home and find out that the eye cream has lost @@ ¥% …… @ ¥, I still help others to bring blood. . . . . .
Coconut-flavored shampoo works well. Buy the smallest bottle of Le. Buy the next big one.
SHISEIDO, help my mother buy her Panli style series, the old one is not expensive, I bought the crystal diamond series myself, probably the name, black packaging, lotion, eye cream each, for the gifts, buy Le
Eyeliner, oil control, lipstick each, a set of sample gift boxes in the crystal diamond series, countless Liwei samples + Pan Li Fengzi samples, this BA person is good, asked me what else, I was asked Le, I did not Pack up, do not like to use the sample, rarely encounter such a enthusiastic, and reluctant to refuse, just say you see me tan. . After finishing the words, she rushed to the small door and changed a set of after-sun repairs. The AN sunscreen SPF50 ++, a few whitening makeup removers, eye creams, lotions, and after-sun repairs. bottle. MMD, when I came home, I found that after the sun was repaired, I saw Le, and ran again. . . . . .
My friend let LANCOME be left out in SOGO. Perfume + whitening essence + foundation, and a lot of silver. I do n’t even get a sample of it. When I turned around, I walked away, no activity, less gifts, ignored, anyway. My friends are not in a hurry, so I will let your business fade away.
The brown essence of EL is overwhelmingly advertised at the Causeway Bay subway station. It seems to be a new product, and the outsourcing is equipped with a NEW. We only have activities on the day before leaving, and we will give you a few sets if you are over 1,000. I forgot to buy Le, it is more expensive than on the plane anyway.
HM, I bought a bunch of clothes, and jeans came across a cash register of 100,399 Hitachi, and said that this is now 299, and then saved 100,199, cabbage, cabbage.
There is a R Us underneath the harbour city. It is recommended to buy children’s clothing, ELLE plaid coat, seven-point sleeves, and the price is D699 in Hong Kong.
Another name is chickeeduck. The clothes are also very nice, and you can also use octopus. . . . . .
kingkow? Hooded jacket and fleece, Hong Kong D157, 50% off, quality is nothing to say, the price of the mainland will fly up and bite.
There is really no discount this season, but you can buy autumn and winter clothing, anyway, there is nothing popular for children.
On the last day, Lane Crawford in Times Square purchased a Hong Kong D3880 board in the RIMOWA case, Lane Crawford Gold Card 10% off, and the bill amount was RMB3051. Super light.
It is said that one week after I left, I came back with a blue, single shot, Hong Kong D34 **. I like it and recommend it.
Let’s talk about it when you have time. Now, all the famous snacks around MS Causeway Bay are gathered. Shuangpi milk, Wenhui cuttlefish balls, wow, now I remember drooling in the middle of the night.
There is a western-style angel pasta under the harbour city building delicious.
Even this hard guide found only one on the camera. I still took the pictures of Shuangliu Airport with my feet on my feet. When the members of the group have time to take care of me, I will take a photo again. 6
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If you have many calls, you must, you must buy a PEOPLE’S card, which is probably 68 Hong Kong D? But the airport is definitely not sold. I remember that some subway stations have 7-11. With this, only the rest of the phone bill is said, this time, the card I bought at the airport, I have no money in a few clicks, when I remember the name and then exposed it!
And this card channel is well done. If you ask if you have a phone card in a convenience store, the clerk will ask if it is calling back to the Mainland or Hong Kong. We will definitely call back to the Mainland. Block other cards. I also said that I paid 10 yuan for the call, but it turned out to be hard to use! I made a mistake by mistake.
Why do I make a mistake, because my 3G has roaming, hee hee 🙂
Unicom’s 3G is pretty good, there is no delay in text messages, it seems that the call is also good. Praise one. Come back and find that MS phone bill is not very expensive.
The most bizarre thing is that even for mobile cards, the application for roaming was unsuccessful. As a result, all the bank swiping information three days before arriving in Hong Kong was received, which is strange! !! !!
However, when I was with my little pig girl and my family, the phone was still borrowed by a good passerby. You said that I had so many cards on the left and right, what ’s the use without them? [Expression] BS yourself.
    When I left the next day, something went wrong. I took my child and got on the subway. My mother and cousin fell out.
    I had to get off at the next stop and find a good fellow to borrow the phone. I have to do this every time I go. Really, speechless.
    Lane Crawford just reported the phone number. Ask them to confirm it.
    But I don’t know which counters can use cards.
    Lane Crawford has it in IFC, Times Square, and Harbour City.
   en, moderator, why do people keep asking for Clarins card numbers in my posts? [expression]
    Hey, ashamed when it comes to photos