Happy Hong Kong and Macau trip

Happy Hong Kong and Macau trip
Four Sisters National Day Happy Hong Kong and Macau (Keywords: Happy Ring, Shopping, Tang Baoru Birthday Party)
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I arrived at my Beijing home at 12 o’clock last night. This dream-like journey was over from the moment I took off the plane, but my heart was still unwilling to return to Hong Kong. Talking about why you want to go to Hong Kong, it ’s funny, because the TV series “Pearl and Prestige”, I like TVB’s TV series very much, after watching this drama, I suddenly wanted to go to Hong Kong to play. Travel to Hong Kong and Macao, in order to find my long-cherished happiness ring, friends who have watched this drama still remember the legend of the happiness ring: for a long time, the male and female are one body, the man and the woman are one, like Baker, An elf separated the man from the woman because of jealousy. From then on they had to look for the other half of their own Baker. Some people found it as soon as they found it, but some people could not find it all their lives. It will be perfect and happy. “
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I packed my luggage on September 28. The family did n’t allow to bring such a large box at the time, and said that there was not much to bring. I said that this box might not be enough to return, and it really fulfilled my word.
I boarded Dragonair at 7.20 in the morning on September 30. The Dragonair meal was very good, and I had Haagen-Dazs when returning from Hong Kong to Beijing.
Arrived at Hong Kong Airport on time and the trip officially started. Disney special line, when there are so few people in Beijing’s subway
We are very lucky. The Hollywood Hotel usually can check in at 3 pm. When we arrived, there was a vacant room. The waiter quickly checked in.
I love this room, the location is good, the bed is big enough, we are suitable for four
The view from the window. We were sitting on the bed at night looking at the fireworks through this window
After I settled in, I set off again because I was going to the City of Dreams to pick up my ring of happiness. The Ring of Happiness was made on the Marbel official website when I was in Beijing, and it was made according to my own size. It was only 3,916 yuan. It is cheap to say that there is only one store in Beijing that sells 6,200 yuan and needs to be resized. When I was doing my homework, I saw someone recommending Taixing Siu Wei from Donghui City. It is said that there are too many people, but when we went there were very few, probably because of good character.
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I went to Tsim Sha Tsui to pick up things at night. Wow, I felt the nightlife of Hong Kong. I really like this feeling.
In the evening, we received the last MM from Beijing. Our Disney journey started at night, and the admission time was 9:30 pm.
Halloween night is really exciting
Continue to Disney on October 1
Riverview Restaurant
Meal vouchers were bought on Taobao, a set of four. not bad. But this is my sad place. When I left for dinner, I left the wax museum ticket here, which caused me to buy it again the next day.
Don’t miss the classic Disney musical
Finally, I watched the float show, took a video, and uploaded it after doing it.
Disney’s trip ends and Stanford Hillview Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui
Stanford Hillview Hotel, located at the entrance of Hong Kong Observatory, a short walk from the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR, and on a long and large slope
On the morning of October 2, the weather was particularly good. Thankfully, it rained once in the past five days.
Every day I walk this big slope
The hotel is very good except this big slope I don’t like, the location is quiet, there is a bar street and a supermarket downstairs