Hong Kong travel attractions

Hong Kong travel attractions

Autumn – a good season for strolling. In autumn, Hong Kong is very sunny. You can stroll in the broad and beautiful Victoria harbor of Hong Kong in your shirt, sweater and light coat, or go to the hometown of Fage. You can go on a hike in Nanya, the fishing island. It’s cool and comfortable Highlights: Lamma Island, Xingguang Avenue, Changzhou

Winter – the season of frantic scavenging. Hong Kong is a little dry and cold in winter, but the average temperature is about 12 to 20 degrees. Now travel to Hong Kong, choose suits and thin sweaters. However, with the arrival of the price reduction tide, Hong Kong has become a veritable “shopping paradise” at this time, and tourists who love crazy shopping will get incomparable discounts! Key recommendations: Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, central, Causeway Bay;

Summer — it’s a season accompanied by carnival. Hong Kong is hot and humid in summer, with a high temperature of about 38 degrees. Sometimes there will be showers and thunderstorms. Take some short shirts, cotton dresses, and prepare coats and rain gear. But the summer shopping discount season is also very attractive. In addition to the hydrophilic activities of Hong Kong Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland and other entertainment places, you can also have a good time in summer! Key recommendation: Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Ocean Park, etc

This book is a travel reference book for Hong Kong, which was completed in April 2003. The information is unprecedented in detail, and it is written by senior tourism editors in Hong Kong. The content is of high quality. It is a necessary reference book for visiting relatives and traveling in Hong Kong. This paper introduces the entry and exit procedures of each entry-exit port in detail, and explains the methods of ticket purchase and ride of major means of transport in Hong Kong with a large number of charts, which is clear and easy to understand.

Hong Kong District Map Hong Kong Railway Traffic Map preface Hong Kong basic knowledge who says Hong Kong has no history? The layout of this book explains tourism information Hong Kong District Tourism Guide Hong Kong allusion understand Hong Kong appendix from digital

Notes on Hong Kong Tourism

When you choose a tourist destination, you must understand the local culture, customs, laws and regulations, transportation and other aspects, so as to be prepared. Xiaobian referred to the WeChat public number (yupinwine9) listed Hongkong tourism strategy, to travel to Hongkong should pay attention to the following matters.

1. Precautions during your stay in Hong Kong:

1 compliance with local laws

1) please take and keep your own Hong Kong and Macao pass with you for local police to check at any time. If you lose it, please call the police immediately.

2) obey the traffic laws: because the cars in Hong Kong and Macao are driving on the left side of the road, when crossing the road, please look at the right first and then the left, observe the signal light, stop at the red light, go at the green light, and walk on the crosswalk.

3) do not litter or spit anywhere, and the violator will be fined.

4) do not smoke in non-smoking places.

5) do not engage in any remunerated work.

2 Notes in the hotel

1) most hotels in Hong Kong are American hotels. There are no personal hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers, etc. Please take them with you.

2) there is a pay TV in the hotel. If you watch this kind of TV, please pay at the front desk when you leave the hotel.

3) the food in the refrigerator in the hotel room is not included in the group fee. If you enjoy the food, please pay at the front desk when you leave the hotel.

4) please pay for using the telephone in the hotel room to call the city or long distance.

5) please do not bring durian and other fruits with strong smell into the hotel for use.

3 currency, exchange:

1) the common currency in Hong Kong is Hong Kong dollar, and RMB can only be used in a few stores such as jewelry stores.

2) HKD can be exchanged at banks, hotels or replacement stores.

3) according to the regulations of the Bank of China, mainland residents who travel to Hong Kong and Macao can exchange 1000 US dollars (500 US dollars per person for children under 14 years old) with Hong Kong and Macao pass.

4 shopping:

1) Hong Kong’s digital products, jewelry, cosmetics and other items are of high quality and low price, which are worth purchasing.

2) when shopping, it is more guaranteed to go to the shops with “Hong Kong Tourism Association”, “Hong Kong Retail Association” or “excellent” signs.

3) be sure to see the items you want to buy and pay after you get them.

4) overseas shopping should be cautious. In case of exchange, return and other matters, the guests should take care of themselves, and the travel agency will not be responsible.

5 seek emergency rescue:

In case of emergency, including loss, theft, accident

For injuries, emergencies, fire alarms, etc., you can call 999 for rescue. Hong Kong’s public telephones can call this number for free. In addition, you can also report to the patrol on the street or to the police station.

According to international practice, tip is required for overseas travel.

Keep valuables with you and guard against pickpockets.

1. Precautions: 1. Do not litter, cross the road or smoke in the shopping malls, restaurants and other rooms. The violator will be fined 1500 Hong Kong dollars. 2. Please stand on the right side to give way to the left side for people in need. 3. Please line up consciously. 4. When crossing the road, if there is no traffic light, please stop and look down. 2. Customs clearance: there are many ports connecting Hong Kong and the mainland, but there are three main ports for ordinary passengers: Huanggang port, Luohu port and Shenzhen Bay port. The general customs clearance procedures are: choose the passenger channel (or the inland passenger channel, in a word, not the foreign channel, diplomatic courtesy channel). The first is the mainland customs. You only need to take your pass to the Customs after queuing up, check and stamp it, and then take it back. After that, you will go to the blank area in the middle along the tide of people. There is usually a duty-free shop here, Each person can only carry two cigarettes (others are not clear), the price is higher than that of the mainland, and then Hong Kong customs. The method is the same as that of the mainland. It’s the same way when I come from Hong Kong, just in reverse orderjc+���.