How much does it cost to visit Hong Kong?

How much does it cost to visit Hong Kong?

I’m a 19-year-old student. I want to save money for a trip to Hong Kong (5K for the time being). It’s about 4-5 days. Besides shopping, how much is it for a tour group? I’m from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. I go to school in Xi’an. You can help me to recommend a better travel agency when I travel in two places“`

Besides, can RMB be used there? Do you want to change Hong Kong dollars first? What kind of bank card should be prepared? Can the mainland’s UnionPay card be used there?

1) it’s very convenient to swipe UnionPay cards in Hong Kong. In addition to large shops, many small street shops can also.

2) it is recommended to bring some pocket Hong Kong dollars and more RMB to Hong Kong, which can be used in many stores. Can I pay RMB before paying the bill? Watsons are all 1:1; Wanning in another city is 1:1. CCB’s dual currency card UnionPay can’t be swiped

Personal travel guide to Hong Kong (money saving Guide)

1. Try to book a hotel in advance (you can get a discount). When I stroll in Bauhinia Square, someone will send me a guidebook. It says that there are 40-50 hotels, but only beds.

2. Never take the guangjiu express, because the price is HK $190 and RMB 207 (I don’t know how to get the exchange rate). The best way is to take a bus to Luohu (RMB 70 car 50), then transfer to light rail (20 Hong Kong dollars) to hongkan. You can only go to Danshui and then transfer to bus, but it’s more complicated and can’t save a few yuan.

4. Generally speaking, the subway is more expensive and faster than the bus, but the bus is comfortable and can enjoy the scenery. But the public relations car across the sea is generally about 10 yuan. If it’s short distance, the subway is still cheap. You can also go to culture square by boat, as if it’s only 2 yuan.

3. The first thing to do in Hong Kong is to buy octopus. You can take the car, the subway, buy tickets, buy things in the supermarket. It is suggested that you buy it at 50 yuan a day and return the deposit when you return to China.

4. Hong Kong must see red and green when crossing the road. Hong Kong’s speed is fast and it’s on the left. It’s easy to make mistakes.

Littering and eating on the bus could result in a fine of 1500.

5. The digital products that are sold very cheaply in the shops in Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong are all aquatic products.

6. Meixin’s fast food is very good. About 30, I like curry beef very much. Cooking by myself is not necessarily cheap. I cooked 8 frozen yuntun bought in Baijia, and spent 10 yuan.

7. Don’t speak Mandarin with older people, they don’t understand.

8. The top of the PR bus stop is the number of the bus stop here. If there is 56 > 49 below, it means that there is a discount for using Octopus 56 to 49.

9. Distilled water in supermarkets is more than half cheaper than soda.

10. Take your travel documents with you. First, the police may check them. Second, many exhibitions are free for mainland tourists.

11. There is no need to buy maps. There are a lot of travel materials for free when passing the customs.