Hong Kong Travel Guide2

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong enjoys the reputation of “Pearl of the East”. It is a paradise of life and a place of all kinds of joy. In Hong Kong, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also enjoy the commercial civilization. They can not only immerse themselves in the material enjoyment of modern society, but also relive the simple life style of the old era. In order to make the trip to Hong Kong a good memory, visitors may wish to set their own theme in advance and click on so many “fun”, “delicious” and “good-looking” listed on the left , enjoy the infinite charm of the “dynamic city”!

If you want to, you must answer [Huang Daxian Temple]

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The temple of Wong Tai Sin, also known as the mise garden, is one of the most fragrant temples in Hong Kong. It was built in 1921. It is mainly dedicated to the Taoist immortal Huang Chuping of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It is said that “if you ask for anything, you must do it.”. At the same time, it also worships Confucianism and Buddhism, such as Confucius and Guanyin. The integration of the three religions has its own characteristics.

Picture of Wong Tai Sin Temple

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On the first day of the new year, it was the heyday of incense in Wong Tai Sin Temple. People from all over the world came here on the same day, competing to put the first incense in the censer, known as “joss sticks”, to pray for the safety and success of the whole family in the new year.

Besides visiting, the buildings here are worth visiting. The feiluantai, Jingtang, Yuye pool, Yuxiang Pavilion and Zhaobi in the temple are arranged according to the “five elements” in Chinese culture. There are also three holy halls and congxinyuan, which are full of strong Chinese style.

In addition to the main hall and the hall of Mahavira, there are also small gardens, three holy halls and Congxin garden. The nine dragon walls in the temple are magnificent and resplendent. The nine dragon walls in the temple are modeled after the nine dragon walls of the Imperial Palace in Beijing. The walls are engraved with poems written by the chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association. The temple is listed as a first-class historical building in Hong Kong and the first temple in Hong Kong to be approved to hold Taoist weddings.

On the first day of the first lunar month every year, citizens come here to fight for the first fragrance. The five main objects of worship are candles, flowers, paper lamps, clear water and fruits. At the entrance of the temple, there are many stalls selling candlelight fruits, with a bunch of 20 Hong Kong dollars and more than 10 Hong Kong dollars of fruits. When offering incense, worship with both hands, and offer incense with the left hand, representing respect for the gods. The number of incense is 1 or 3. Tourists generally worship from the Great Hall of the Yellow immortals, and the incense in other temples is much weaker than that in the Great Hall of the Yellow immortals.

Visitors can also get a sign box beside the main hall. There are 100 bamboo sticks in the box. When you ask a question, shake the sign box until one of the bamboo sticks falls out. The scriptures on the sign paper are the response of the immortal. The cost of signing is about 20-30 Hong Kong dollars.

Address: 2 Zhuyuan village, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Transportation: exit B2, Wong Tai Sin station, MTR, about 3 minutes walk

Opening hours: Huang Daxian temple 7:00-17:00; congxinyuan, Taisui Yuanchen hall, general office 8:00-17:00


1. Be careful against theft: Wong Tai Sin Temple is located in the outskirts of Hong Kong. People of all kinds will have it. Everyone must be careful;

2. Ask more and listen more: in addition to the tips, you must ask more about the release of visa and incense money. When you arrive at any temple, you must also ask relevant staff for information about the worship;

3. The taboo of fortune telling Street: autographs and some questions about the analysis of fate must not be written on white paper. After the master answers, they should be sealed in a red paper bag, which Hong Kong calls a good lottery.

Surrounding accommodation recommendation

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Located on the Bank of Shatin Gate River, the hotel is adjacent to many tourist attractions, including new city square, Shatin Racecourse, chegong temple, Hong Kong Culture Museum, etc

From the hotel, you can walk to the shopping hot spot of the new city square in Shatin; adjacent to the transportation hub, it is very convenient to go to the entertainment, shopping and business center in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

The hotel has 1138 guest rooms and Suites in a quiet environment. It also offers considerate and considerate accommodation services, which makes tourists and business travelers feel more comfortable in their homes

Address: no.34-36, dayongqiao Road, Shatin District

In and out time: after 14:00, before 12:00

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There are many historic attractions near the Regal Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, such as the ruins of the former “Kowloon City Village” in Kowloon City, the Taoist Wong Tai Sin Temple and other tourist attractions

Pictures of Regal Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong

Pictures of Regal Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong

The hotel is located in a superior location, with a wide range of transportation options. The network runs through the whole Hong Kong. The subway station, East Rail Station and a large number of shopping options are nearby. The transportation is convenient, 45 minutes from the airport

Outside the lobby there is 25m to Kowloon Tong MTR station and shopping mall

Pictures of Regal Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong

The Regal Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong has all kinds of guest rooms, some of which are located outside the charming scenery of Hong Kong, making passengers feel more convenient and comfortable.

Pictures of Regal Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong

Address: no.30-38, Shapu Road, Kowloon City

In and out time: after 14:00, before 12:00