Hong Kong Tourism Strategy

Hong Kong Tourism Strategy

This year’s June 1 children’s day, because of hitting the weekend, parents finally need not bother to ask for leave to accompany their children over 61. The whole family can travel to Hong Kong together. Apart from visiting the rubber duck just after the physical examination and resurfacing, they can also find some “Tong” music spots and choose a memorable 61 gift for their children.

Highlights of Tongle:

Rhubarb duck sells cute

Since its public appearance in the Victoria Harbour Area outside the Hong Kong seaport city, yellow duck has attracted a large number of tourists from all over the world. It’s a pity that the rhubarb duck became a little yellow duck due to air leakage. After being repaired, it has been displayed again. According to the original plan, the exhibition will be finished on June 9. If you have time during the period of June 1, you may as well go to “sell cute” with your family, and see the duck again before it leaves Highlights of Tongle:

Disneyland “manor” play puzzle

Rare treasures in “lost Manor”

Recently, the final project of the expansion project of Hong Kong Disneyland “lost Manor” was officially opened. This unique “lost Manor” in the world is created with original stories and special effects of science and technology. If you plan to take your children to Hong Kong Disneyland again during the period of June 1, you can focus on this mansion to explore its complicated “life experience”.

The “lost Manor” is a private museum. Sir Henry, a famous explorer, collects the rare treasures collected in various countries. You can explore every corner of the museum in the electromagnetic van of “lost Manor”. On the way, Abba, the naughty monkey assistant of Sir Henry, will open the magic music box, and then everything will be active in an instant. It’s a magic journey This is also the beginning.

There is also an ancient sculpture group of “Magic Garden” in the “lost Manor”. You can take photos in front of the 3D sculpture or taste international food in the “great adventurer’s Restaurant”.

After seeing the big yellow duck, I remember to look for “duck food” in many restaurants in the harbor city! In order to celebrate the arrival of the big yellow duck in Hong Kong, many restaurants in the harbor city have launched many kinds of food with rubber duck as the theme, such as Bo lo’gne Cafe yellow duck spaghetti set meal, which can meet a class of duck fans. The yellow duck spaghetti set has a lovely shape, with different flavors of spaghetti and yilido Beverage Group The price of a whole set of meals is HK $108, which is very popular. Paul lafayet, who is famous for macarone, took the opportunity to launch macarone, a duck cub. It’s sour and sweet. You can buy it home to make a letter.

Highlights of Tongle:

Mail the Arctic Fox Postcard home

Arctic fox Postcard

Last year, Hong Kong Ocean Park opened a new scenic spot of “ice polar heaven and earth”. Eight kinds of animals, including arctic fox and king penguin, have recently appeared on postcards launched by hongkong post. Each set of postcards costs 40 yuan and has been put on public sale in the post office of Hong Kong. This set of eight postcards includes arctic fox, Papuan penguin, king penguin and other animals, all of which are attached with air mail postage. When traveling to Hong Kong on June 1st, parents and children can write down their feelings on the postcard together, and then mail them home. For children, it may be a valuable children’s Day gift. 181%�Qy�