Hong Kong Tourism Day

Hong Kong Tourism Day 4 9.22
I’m going to Macau this afternoon. I continue to sleep until 10 o’clock in the morning, and my physical strength really doesn’t work. I didn’t even feel tired after playing for seven or eight days when I was young. Now I can’t. Check out at the front desk, get back the RMB deposit and store your luggage. I will leave it to Causeway Bay for the last time in Hong Kong. I saw a shop selling Japanese stuff on the second floor of Sogo on the flyer, so I went to see it, it was actually a supermarket. I am sighed again. The supermarket in Hong Kong is too open. It is completely the same as ordinary shopping malls. There is no partition. The cashier counter is not located at the entrance. It is in the supermarket. I saw Taipan Snowy Mooncakes in the supermarket. When I watched Huang Zihua’s “The Peerless Shang Shangjiao”, I learned that Snowy Mooncakes are very famous in Hong Kong. It is said that Hong Kong people never bought mooncakes themselves before they were released. Willing to eat it by myself. And I remember that in Xidan Joy City, I just opened a large ice shop counter this year. It seems that I can only book it, and I am so proud that I sell LV. Oh, let’s buy two in Hong Kong.
I went to Tsui Wah Tea Restaurant for lunch, or in Jaffe Road, it is actually next to the Macau Tea Restaurant. There are a lot of people inside. I ordered the signature Hainanese Chicken Rice. My girlfriend asked for the Curry Chicken Rice. My three yellow chickens are quite average. , I feel a bit light, curry chicken rice is okay, in short, it is not as good as Macau tea restaurant.
Well, go back to the hotel to pick up luggage and take the subway to Sheung Wan Pier. We booked the boat at four o’clock. When my girlfriend remembered it in time, she said that as long as the last shift was not full, she could get on board in advance. I went straight from the Sheung Wan MTR, it seems to be exit A to Shun Tak Centre. The upstairs is the pier. I changed the ticket. At that time, we got on the ship. The so-called jet ship did not feel anything like other ships The difference is about forty-five minutes by boat. The mobile phone actually searched for the signal of the mainland of the motherland on the way. I received a few mobile phone reports and disappeared after a while. Disembark and depart.
A question that many people ask is to sign Hong Kong and Macau once. Can I go from Hong Kong to Macau and return to Hong Kong. First of all, if you return directly to Hong Kong Airport on the last day like us, then it is absolutely possible. Secondly, as long as you stay in Hong Kong for less than seven days, it is perfectly fine for you to return to Hong Kong from Macau.
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Yingjing is said to be hard to find, so she had to take a taxi. An old grandfather driver, his girlfriend said that it looks like a pirate captain in the movie, huh, it should be a bit mixed, about 15 minutes by car. It is actually here. In a community, it is still easier to find. That place is called Sidaikou, there is a bus stop, and you get off to see a residents leisure plaza. Just walk in. Just inside the Xinxin Hotel, Xinxin has a larger brand. You can find this first. Yingjing is really small, in fact, it is a family store. It seems to be a four-story bar. Continue to bet RMB at the front desk, about three hundred. Help me pack the envelopes. This is more fun. An old aunt and cleaner and front desk lady I talked about this envelope and complained that the cost was too high, huh, I thought I couldn’t understand it, it seems Yingjing was really stingy. Riding on the small elevator that everyone complained about, the room was not small and it was pretty good. Simply packed and ready to go shopping. Tonight’s goal is the front of the Chamber and the Venetian.
It’s about 10 minutes’ walk from Yingjing to the front of the Chamber. On both sides are the buildings. At a glance, you can see the Huang Zhiji mentioned in the guide. Eat again tomorrow. The building here feels average. To be honest, it is like a film and television city. Excessive commercial atmosphere makes people feel like antique buildings. It feels very bad. Going in some way is to go to Dasanba, forget about it today. I looked around and looked at sasa in Macau. The price is the same as Hong Kong, but it is settled in Portuguese currency. I just ate an Irish mad potato, but I haven’t seen it in Hong Kong. In fact, it is a French fries with juice, which is not bad and you can try it. Go straight along the new road from the front of the Chamber to Lisboa. To be honest, there is still momentum. Unfortunately, there are not many people. Go to the Venetian to save money without hitting the bus. Macau bus It ’s coin-operated. The driver does n’t care how much you put in. It ’s self-restrained. It ’s said that it ’s been around 15 minutes. But I did n’t see the signboard. I think this one is quite desolate. At the yellow building, we guessed that there should be Venetians there, crossing the road, there are no sidewalks, there are a lot of cars, we were afraid to wear them, and then we found that a few locals did n’t look at the car and went directly. No, the car actually stopped and waited for people to pass. We watched several passes and finally dared to wear it. Sure enough, the car stopped all the way. Until we passed by, we found that the GPS on many cars in Macau would remind pedestrians in front. Look here, think about Hangzhou, and say nothing.
The row of yellow buildings is indeed Venetian. We should not enter the main entrance, so there are not many people. After entering, there is a magnificent corridor. The end is the casino. We arrived very early and saw a rare dealer who slept. The scene, huh, slip around, all sorts, bet, find a machine that can use banknotes directly, plug 20, it is a slot machine, a minimum one yuan, huh, I played a few losers, The girlfriend actually won four yuan at a time, huh, four yuan made us happy, next door I don’t know if people play hundreds of thousands, it’s a gap. There is a commercial area above the casino. Let ’s have a meal under the artificial sky. The artificial sky does give people the illusion of daytime. I think it is for the gamblers to stay inside all day and all night. It ’s really cunning. Just walk around, there are not many shops you can visit, just feel it. The souvenir shop bought a commemorative chip and went back to the split. The artificial canals and gondola boats are really good, but the boatmen will sing beautiful sounds, haha, it ’s a pity There are a lot of people and they do n’t sit. Next time.
At 9 o’clock, we returned to the front of the Chamber by taxi this time. After walking around the shop, we walked back to the hotel. I was able to receive the comprehensive and entertainment from Zhongtian. It was good. Kangxi went to bed after watching the live broadcast.
Check out, take deposits, store luggage, go straight to the bus, there are really many people, the level of people playing here seems to be far worse than Hong Kong. The big three buses are like that. I wo n’t say anything. I went down and ate Huang Zhiji. Of course, I ordered the most famous shrimp noodles, which tasted good. This is the most comfortable thing to eat in Hong Kong and Macau this time. The last item is naturally a buyer’s letter. If I remember it, it must be pork meat. In addition, it took more than 200 to buy some gadgets. Pick up luggage, take a taxi, go to the dock, take a boat to the Hong Kong Airport Haitian Passenger Terminal, check in directly at Haitian, check in your luggage, go through security, and then take a special bus. You will be posted on the door Seal, at this moment I thought that if our car had an accident, who cares, oh, the bus went directly to the apron, and then entered the waiting hall. It ’s really big to start walking around the airport. No wonder some people miss the opportunity to go. It ’s really a place to get lost. I went to the Disney store first, replenished some goods, bought myself a watch, a keychain or something. Then, there is a duty-free shop. Two pandas, one should be 180, and a box of double happiness 130, and then the cosmetics are replenished. Some things are said to be cheaper than the city, and UnionPay can also be brushed, which is very convenient. I got back to Beijing on the plane. It landed at about 10.35. Because it was the last flight of the day, I entered the country very quickly, especially at the customs. Here I suggest that friends who want to drag cargo can consider choosing this flight, haha, customs are also people.