hat are the procedures for Hong Kong Tourism?

What are the procedures for Hong Kong Tourism?

First of all, we need to apply for Hong Kong and Macao passes. Relevant process: first, prepare all the materials, paste the photos + digital receipt + original copy of ID card + original copy of the home page of the household register and the original copy of your own page on the application form of pass to Hong Kong and Macao. Take Shenzhen as an example, Shenzhen households can apply for a pass at any entry and exit. The pass is 100 yuan, and the multiple endorsements for a year are 100 yuan. The one-time endorsements are 20 yuan, which can be obtained within 7 working days from the date of application. If there is a valid residence permit for non Shenzhen residents, they can also apply for a Hong Kong and Macao pass at the entry exit administration of Shenzhen. For others, they can apply for an entry exit permit at the place where they belong.

What are the preparations for traveling to Hong Kong?

First, we need to go to the bank to exchange for Hong Kong dollars, but for some young people who often go abroad or use more foreign currencies (because each person has a foreign exchange limit every year, about 6W US dollars), it is recommended to exchange after arriving in Hong Kong. The exchange rate in Hong Kong is not much different from that in the mainland. It’s better not to exchange at the gate, because there is a handling fee to be charged at the gate. Tips:

1) the common currency in Hong Kong is Hong Kong dollar, and RMB can only be used in a few stores such as jewelry stores.

2) HKD can be exchanged at banks, hotels or replacement stores.

3) according to the regulations of the Bank of China, mainland residents who travel to Hong Kong and Macao can exchange 1000 US dollars (500 US dollars per person for children under 14 years old) with Hong Kong and Macao pass.

4) pay attention to the authenticity when Hong Kong Exchanges Hong Kong dollars.

What do you mean by “g” and “L”?

The “g” sign is the so-called “free line”. The holder of this sign is free to return to Hong Kong. The “L” sign is the so-called team sign. The holder of this sign must follow the tour group when leaving the customs. Now many travel agencies in mainland China have free travel projects in Hong Kong. If you want to travel freely, you can ask travel agencies for group visa.

How is the traffic in Hong Kong?

A the transportation in Hong Kong is very convenient, but the price is also quite expensive. The most cost-effective transportation in Hong Kong is bus, subway and taxi. After entering Hong Kong, you can apply for an octopus at the ticket office, 100 yuan can be settled, 30 yuan for deposit, 70 yuan for deposit.

How about accommodation for Hong Kong tour?

A Hong Kong can be described as “land is worth money”. Accommodation is relatively expensive. Small economic travel partners can choose youth travel accommodation. In Hong Kong, the hotel needs to pay a deposit when checking in. You can pay Hong Kong dollars in cash or swipe a credit card. Note: it must be a credit card, not a debit card. If you don’t have a credit card, you need to prepare one more day’s room price cash as a deposit. When checking out, the cash will be returned directly. The credit card will be unfrozen automatically within 15-20 days.

I’m going to visit Hong Kong. Can you tell me a few representative scenic spots?

There are six Hong Kong attractions to visit: 1. Victoria Harbour 2. Hong Kong Disneyland 3. Taiping peak 4. Ocean Park 5. Xingguang Avenue 6. Madame Tussaud Wax Museum

How can I go to Hong Kong if I am sick on the way?

  1. please make sure you are in good health before going out. If you are in abnormal health, please don’t choose to go out. After all, traveling is a tiring activity. If you have any disease on the way, please inform our guide in time. The experienced guide will make accurate judgment, please cooperate.

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